Hattori Knife of the Year Limited Editions

In 1996 Hattori made a 25th Anniversary limited edition of 50 knives based on the HA-1W blade design. The following is 04/50 .






Hattori makes a limited edition version of one of his models each year either in numbers of 100 or 200. They are serial numbered boxed commemoratives and are picked up by collectors, mostly in Europe.

1998 1998 TV3

Hattori_1 2000 H-51

20012001 H983A

Bild (6)2002 SC-120

Bild (3)2003 HA6-4

20042004 HT-05

2005best2005 H-3717


HATKOY030 2006 HA6-2

bb2007 1700B

20092009 FT-100W

20102010 1700C


02ht20112011 H-101

20122012 HT-05

02ht20132013 H-109

20142014 TV3

02ht20152015 HT-70 Hidden Tang Model


For 2016 the smaller Model 938 Dagger was chosen.

2017 Year of Knife HA6 1 of 100

I am still seeking photographs of other Knife of the Year models and would be grateful for any contributions in this regard.

Please email Ken at: Kurobune1852(@)gmail.com

Thank you.

Photos courtesy of Heinnie Haynes, UK and Boker, Germany. Special thanks to Lutz Krempf, Germany, Uli Fritsch, Germany.


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  1. Hi Ken,
    I have one of 50 of the series “25th years of Hattori”.
    I could send pictures if you like.
    Best regards

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